A properly functioning university is a never ending

02 sie A properly functioning university is a never ending

Just made a mistake, misjudged the gap, sent him into the wall. That was entirely unintentional. I definitely reach out to him and tell him I sorry, tell him I hate it that it happened. A properly functioning university is a never ending festival of superspreader events, and to open campuses in the fall will be a challenge.” Graeme Wood, AtlanticSchools should open, but have a high quality backup plan”At this point, probably the smartest strategy for most institutions is to take an optimistic stance that campus will reopen in the fall, but be prepared with a long list of contingency plans that would quickly revise the approach should conditions dictate.” Michael T. Nietzel, ForbesMoney shouldn’t be the main motivator for reopening”College presidents have a right to be terrified. But opening campuses in the fall is the wrong move if the primary motivation is to avoid bankruptcy.

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