Boyd had his least productive season last year with

09 cze Boyd had his least productive season last year with

Coach Brady Hoke defended the decision at the time. Schlissel said many changes would be coming to the athletic department at Michigan, including a full review of in game safety procedures. He added the university was completing this review now and that it would eventually be shared with the public..

It was unclear how many of the other Redskins assistants, if any, Rivera will keep. Interim coach Bill Callahan, who had coached the offensive line before Gruden’s firing, was let go Wednesday. The fate of others was uncertain. I don’t think I’ll be involved in football specifically. Maybe I’ll coach a youth flag [football] team or something. But I don’t have an interest in being a linebacker coach or getting into college coaching or high school coaching.”.

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Listed at 6feet1 and 197 pounds, Boyd became Pittsburgh’s all time leader in receptions (254) and receiving yards (3,361) in three seasons. He was second in all purpose yards (5,243), behind Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett. Boyd had his least productive season last year with 926 receiving yards on 91 catches and six touchdowns as opposing teams focused on him with the absence of all America running back James Conner.

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