In Diablo 3 this won’t be the case

26 lip In Diablo 3 this won’t be the case

A: As I said it is too premature for me to comment at this stage because it is a process by the RBI if at all we get this licensee than it is good 18 month window. On the liability side we do not need much of intervention because we will continue to pretty much do what we are doing whether it is mortgages that is housing finance, education financing is what we have started about a year ago so that possibly will roll up into the larger institution. However, on the liability side obviously we will have to up the ante..

In Diablo 2 single player, you can pause just by pressing the esc key. Even in multiplayer, as a hardcore character you could hit esc and select „Save and Quit” to get out of hairy situations your character wouldn’t survive. In Diablo 3 this won’t be the case.

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